2021  N11-12(200-201)
Her individual style is unmistakably recognizable. One only needs to look at any of her works to immediately feel the style of a super master-ceramist. Lovers of decorative sculpture have been admiring the unsurpassed skills of People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Dursunsolmaz Mukhammedova for many years now.
Perfectly sensing her material – clay – the artist subdued to it the shape of items and picturesque design. The coloristic solution never seems alien and accidental in her works. Shape and color merge into a single image. A well thought-out and repeatedly tested shape of models impresses with its elegance, perfect proportions and logic of structure.
While working on the color of her works, Dursunsolmaz experiments a lot with colored glaze. She knows how to extract subtle color effects from the combination of glaze and clay. However, given the fact that a glazing layer can smooth the relief, she applies it only to streamlined figures.
Every figure created by the master has subtle and convincing individual characteristics. One can discern the echo of the national rhythm in the plastic forms of her almost dancing figures. The female image is a favorite theme that prevails in her works. The female figures are featured in almost every new plastic solution, be it a vase for flowers or a bird silhouette. In such images, the author displays the posture of a young stately Turkmen girl, emphasizes her original beauty and conveys the amazing inclusiveness of the folk character by adding some jewelry details.
Dedicated to art with all her heart, Dursunsolmaz draws her stories from the Turkmen literature, music and dance. That is why the works created by the artist are distinguished by an extraordinary penetration into the character of the people and the world of things surrounding her. One can feel the concentration of thought in everything, turning the images into a secret embodiment of one’s highly spiritual understanding of the meaning of life. Dursunsolmaz not only sculpts, she breathes life into her works, feeling how the earth smells, how trees grow, how fields bloom, how wings of birds flutter. Observation and variability of the current of thoughts help her avoid verbosity and create concise images with warmth and tenderness.
Dursunsolmaz Mukhammedova senses life fully and succinctly. Every stroke of her works is explained by her love for being and creativity. Even small decorative compositions are imbued with the artist’s love for the world around her. One can see graceful lines on the fold of petals and branches. Only a highly sensitive person can present a stroke and a line in such a delicate way. The master keeps these important components in a constant state of plastic thinking and their refined execution. That is why she freely creates compositions that are so easy to understand but so complex in terms of the depth of thought. This seeming lightness is the result of persistent search and work.
Compositional expressiveness plays an important role in Mukhammedova’s works. Her works are organized with rigorous accuracy and devoid of stiffness and oppressive rationalism. Mukhammedova’s art is serious and elegant at the same time.
Ceramics is an available and very beautiful material. Bright, finished in a variety of colors with stucco or painted, it offers the author a vibrant palette of means of self-expression. The raw material allows the author to play with both deep philosophical generalizations and themes of private life, truth and fiction, faith and knowledge, mythology and history, modernity and future, that is, to combine both specific and generalized elements.
This is exactly what Dursunsolmaz Mukhammedova teaches her students as a senior teacher at the Department of Decorative and Applied Arts of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan. She teaches her students not only the theory and practice of the art but also puts her soul and heart in them. A sensitive teacher who burns with love for art, she did not leave indifferent any of the students of the Dursunsolmaz art workshop.
Therefore, the ceramic compositions by young authors are imbued with the warmth of human hands, reverent attitude to the chosen profession, sincere love for their characters. The unusual presentation of the dynamics of ceramic models, interesting scenes from folk life that were accurately noticed and imprinted in clay by young ceramists joined the collection of the Academy of Arts. These works are often exhibited at small plastic exhibitions.
This energetic, beautiful, life-loving woman has many brilliant ideas and plans. She is tireless, cheerful and extremely hardworking, which is fully expressed in her sparkling art that boldly and brightly replenished the treasury of the Turkmen national art.