2021  N11-12(200-201)
“Garagum” hotel, commissioned in the Turkmen capital in late 2021, is destined to become a symbol of hospitality, friendliness and good neighborliness. Construction of this hotel with the adjacent multidisciplinary business center started in September 2018. The new hotel and business complex were built next to the Ashgabat International Airport. They are noted for their original appearance that harmoniously combines the advanced architectural trends with the best traditions of national architecture.
The image of the unique natural landmark of Turkmenistan – the majestic Karakum Desert – found its embodiment in the hotel name and appearance. The central and two side buildings of the complex interconnected by smooth contours seem to repeat the outlines of dunes enveloping the flowering oasis, while the stylized yurt that organically complements the overall composition emphasizes the national flavor. The golden color of the Karakum sands is clearly visible in the stained-glass windows decorating the hotel.
The seven-storey luxurious complex with the total area of 6.8 hectares has all relevant facilities for receiving high-ranking guests, their comfortable stay and holding various events. 87 hotel rooms feature all the amenities to serve visitors with traditional Turkmen hospitality.
The hotel accommodates 8 business centers, a banquet hall in the form of a white yurt for 500 guests, a restaurant with 150 seats, meeting and conference rooms, shops with various goods. In addition, the complex includes administrative offices and a bank service department.
The hotel with the multidisciplinary business center “Garagum” has an impressive original design, innovative engineering and design solutions. High-quality materials were used in construction and decoration of the hotel, taking into account their characteristics such as strength, durability and environmental friendliness. Along with this, the project designers thought of ensuring the seismic resistance of the complex.
When entering the hotel, visitors first get into the spacious, exquisitely finished central foyer with all the relevant trappings. Of 87 rooms with 204 beds, 17 rooms are standard, 8 rooms are family standard, 47 rooms are deluxe and 15 rooms are super deluxe. Their design is distinguished by the dignified style and harmony of colors with predominance of warm shades, including golden and beige, to match the unique Karakum landscapes. The skillful application of elements of national decor, organic combination of classic and modern trends gives a special flavor and sophistication to the interiors. In general, this environment creates a cozy and respectable atmosphere at the same time, increases attractiveness of the new hotel to foreign visitors.
There is also relevant infrastructure for cultural recreation and sports. The hotel has restaurants, a SPA department, a fitness room equipped with various exercise stimulators, an indoor swimming pool and a beauty salon. There are also shops and a first-aid unit. The multidisciplinary business center included in the infrastructure of the complex provides optimal opportunities for holding business meetings, negotiations and events in various formats.
The territory adjacent to the complex was landscaped. There were erected fountains, planted many seedlings of trees and shrubs and various flowers. A new vast green area next to the complex is an integral part of the local landscape. Other than creating a favorable microclimate in this corner of the capital, this will have a positive impact on the ecology in the city.
The new hotel complex with its unique architectural appearance can be rightfully called a work of art. It becomes especially beautiful in the evening thanks to the special lighting effects. Special equipment and digital technologies installed in the hotel help to turn the area and fountains around the hotel into a place of demonstration of an impressive light show at nighttime.

Ahmetdzan NURIEV