2020  N7-8(184-185)
President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov inaugurated a complex of recreation facilities that were erected on the shore of a lake on the northern outskirts of Ashgabat.
By the opening of the summer season, there were commissioned children's sports grounds, vacation houses, first-aid posts, watch points for rescue services, food and other shops, living quarters for employees and a parking lot for 160 cars on the lake shore. The recreation area is fitted with shopping areas, transportation and rescue services, boat and other floating craft rentals. Construction works did not affect the green outfit of the coastal zone.
The head of state congratulated the ceremony participants on the opening of the recreation complex and announced the decision to name the adjacent lake "Altyn Kel" (Golden Lake). Noting that a modern recreation area on the shore of the lake marked the beginning of major transformational plans for this area, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed confidence that this place would become very popular among Ashgabat residents and visitors.
At the opening ceremony, the head of state instructed the relevant officials to hold a media briefing to ensure broad media coverage of the opening of the new recreation area and all aspects related to its functioning. The head of state also issued instructions to draft a detailed project for the next stage of development of the lake's shore that should be submitted for consideration this September and, if approved, a decision will be made on the further expansion of the recreation area. Then, the head of state, having cut the symbolic ribbon, opened the recreation area and viewed the territory of the complex. Later in the day, the first vacationers arrived in the new recreation center on the shore of the lake.
Young Ashgabat residents were the first guests of the newly opened recreation area. Taking into account the specific climatic conditions in the country in recent years, the concept of children's vacation has been completely reconsidered. The implementation of this concept implied significant financial investment for Turkmenistan, but this investment can be called the most reliable and promising.
Dozens of luxurious summer camps for young citizens have appeared in the country owing to the implementation of a large-scale program on construction of modern children's recreational facilities. The best areas for recreation in the country, such as the Caspian coast and the foothills of Kopetdag, were prioritized for construction of children's fairy-tale towns and sanatoriums.
More and more children's summer camps are built every year. With all their architectural specifics and originality, the facilities share one feature: all buildings have been erected in accordance with the most modern standards and requirements for proper recreation of children.
In fact, all necessary conditions for exciting and healthy leisure of children have been put in place in the new recreation center on the shore of "Altyn Kel". Cozy living quarters, cultural and play centers, premises for various activities of interest, a library, sports and playgrounds, comfortable cafes and canteens, as well as a medical center fitted with modern equipment are available for children.
Cozy bright bedrooms, a video room with favorite TV channels make children feel home, which is also important for proper rest. A reading room of the library does not stay empty too. Young book lovers visit the room to read about history of their native land, its flora and fauna, art and culture. A completely different atmosphere reigns in the magic room of fine art. In silence, armed with pencils, paints and brushes, children learn the basics of painting.
This summer is the first full-fledged summer season for the children's recreation center on the shore of "Altyn Kel" lake since its opening. Summer glided away with its every day filled with colorful and memorable events and the feeling of good rest.