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Over the eleven years since the establishment of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan (UIET), the country's private sector has grown into not only a powerful economic force but also a political force. It has proved capable of solving the most difficult tasks. The private sector explores all new business opportunities every year, confirming the intensity of the nationwide processes of transition to the market economy.
The most telling confirmation of this was an exhibition celebrating the 11th anniversary of establishment of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, which was successfully held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan. The regular national exhibition brought together 188 private companies operating in various fields, including industry, agriculture, construction and building materials, processing and food industry, transport, logistics, tourism, education, trade and services, information and communication technologies and others.
Turkmen entrepreneurs actively use best technologies in production of building materials. Modern plants for production of bricks, reinforced concrete structures, waterproofing materials, washed sand, polystyrene foam, claydite, various emulsions, electrical cable and hoses, curbstone successfully operate in various parts of the country.
The private companies demonstrating high quality, competitive building materials at the exhibition included Maksatly Gee, aly, Ak Bulut, Daly Gala, etc. In recent years, Turkmenistan's private companies have started production of a variety of building materials that meet international quality standards.
With the view of implementing the state program on import substitution, Turkmen entrepreneurs launched production of leather products using raw materials from local livestock farms. As a result, the country can produce new types of products, such as high quality shoes and furniture that successfully compete with imported products in the domestic market.
The exhibition also acquainted visitors with the private sector's successes in developing trade and services. Entrepreneurs now run special stores and organize trade based on franchising. In general, the exhibition vividly demonstrated that with the enormous support from the government the private sector confidently moves to the international level, mastering modern production and marketing technologies, creating new jobs and saturating the market with new products.
Effectively using favorable conditions for private initiative, Turkmen businessmen enter the international markets, mastering modern production and marketing technologies. For example, the UIET supported the establishment of a National Bar Code Organization.
The first private microbiological laboratory was established in Turkmenistan with the view of achieving the task of enhancing the international competitiveness of Turkmen food products. It will conduct independent analysis of foodstuffs to ensure their safety and certification according to international standards. The launch of Turkmenistan's first private microbiology laboratory will contribute to fulfilling the export potential of national food producers, obtaining international certification through independent expertise, supporting the private sector and ensuring food security.
The laboratory is expected to conduct one and a half million analyses of oil and fat, dairy, delicacy, meat, fish, bakery, fruit, vegetable, confectionery and other products annually in eleven fields. The laboratory specialists will carry out competent sampling, their delivery in compliance with all international standards, research for compliance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation and prepare reports.
The main goal of the laboratory is to create necessary conditions for certification of domestic products and their exports. This is relevant given the implementation of the state program to increase production of import-substituting and export-oriented products.
The new microbiological laboratory will provide commercial food analysis services that will expand Turkmen manufacturers' access to the laboratory services. In addition, the availability of such services contributes to the growth of exports of fruits and vegetables, helping to meet the international certification requirements.
Turkmenistan's first private microbiological laboratory aims to increase output of domestic agricultural products whose exports will contribute to the rapid development of the national economy. For example, a number of large agricultural facilities were commissioned in the regions of Turkmenistan in the past year alone. Small and medium-sized private enterprises systematically increase their contribution to the successful implementation of the task to saturate the country's consumer market with high-quality industrial goods and their exports as well as acceleration of the pace of construction of greenhouses and various facilities for processing agricultural raw materials.
The launch of the microbiological laboratory was an important step towards strengthening the position of domestic business that is growing into a driving force of the national economy owing to the active support of the head of state. The first private microbiological laboratory fitted with the most modern equipment will play an important role in strengthening the position of private producers, contributing to the expansion of the range of product and development of new types of popular internationally competitive import-substituting products.
As part of the program of celebration of the 11th anniversary of establishment of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, members of this organization held a meeting at the conference hall of the UIET office. It was emphasized at the meeting that Turkmenistan ensured the best conditions for development of business, adopted legislative acts and developed state programs aimed at supporting entrepreneurs. All this contributes to the accelerated growth of the national economy, improvement of the social and living conditions of the people and prosperity of the country.
In their presentations and reports, the speakers touched on a wide range of topics, including those related to the work of the UIET and the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. The meeting also heard the reports on the UIET performance and the work of the audit commission, organizational changes and other issues. The winners of the contest "Leading Businessman of the Year" were presented at the meeting.


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