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Unlike other years, this year has been full of impressive events that illustrate the tempo and richness of the cultural dialogue between Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation.
The traditional Days of Russian Cinema have been held quite recently in three cities of Turkmenistan. The program of film festival consisted of nine feature films shot in different years by Soviet and Russian filmmakers.
Recalling the recent events of this spring, one cannot but mention the unprecedented concerts in commemoration of the great Turkmen composer, Nury Khalmamedov, which took place at the Rakhmaninov Hall in March and May.
In the early summer, the Moscow public had a unique opportunity to participate in the cultural action "Turkmenistan is the Heart of the Great Silk Road. The Touch" that was held in the halls and outdoors of the Museum of the Roerichs, a branch of the State Museum of Oriental Art. The colorful event aimed to present the topic of the Great Silk Road relationship with the historical mission of the Turkmen state as a central link in the economic and humanitarian cooperation of the states of the region.
The action was organized by the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation and the Administration of the State Museum of Oriental Art. The program of the action included the opening of an art exhibition of Turkmen painters' works on the topic of the Great Silk Road as well as a folklore festival that acquainted the guests with the Turkmen song-dancing and gastronomic traditions.
All participants of the colorful and memorable event were unanimous in their opinion that such cultural events fully correspond to the long-standing good traditions of the Turkmen-Russian humanitarian cooperation and help to strengthen the bonds of friendship and mutual understanding.
Days of Culture of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation were another celebration of mutual enrichment of national cultures. The cultural action started with a grand concert at the Moscow Cultural Folklore Center under Lyudmila Ryumina. The festival of Turkmen culture brought together distinguished guests in the hospitable beautiful concert hall, including senior officials of the Russian cultural institutions, foreign diplomats accredited in Moscow, representatives of the business circles of the two countries, leaders of public associations, scientists and culture workers, journalists, representatives of the Turkmen diasporas in the Russian regions.
Most of the audience consisted of Turkmen students studying at the Moscow higher education establishments. Many of them sincerely and emotionally shared their impressions of meeting with their favorite artists:
"Being far away from our native land, we all surely miss our home. Today's concert of Turkmen artists in the framework of Days of Culture of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation was a remarkable event. It was like a breath of fresh air for us. We all felt like we were back home to listen to our favorite tunes, admire the skills of dancers. And we rightly feel proud of our native culture with deep historical roots, proud of the fact that Turkmen culture is close and interesting to the Moscow public". Days of Culture of Turkmenistan in Russia is just one striking episode of the ongoing dialogue between the two countries in all spheres. Turkmenistan and Russia conclude trade and economic agreements and actively partner in science and education. The fact that thousands of students from Turkmenistan currently study in Russia is a characteristic feature of the continuous cooperation between the two countries.
At the same time, the closest to all of us is probably the cultural dialogue, when Turkmen and Russian artists exchange visits. This day is a case in point. A concert of best Turkmen musicians, singers and dancers is held in the Russian capital. We, the citizens of Turkmenistan, are pleased to see fellow countrymen, and it will certainly be interesting for the Moscow public to get acquainted with the wealth of the Turkmen cultural heritage."
Many festival participants noted that the traditional good-neighborly relations of the Turkmen and Russian peoples logically continue in the modern history. Along with the successful development of bilateral relations in the political and trade-economic spheres, the cultural dialogue reached a qualitatively new level, which is clearly demonstrated by the increased exchange of delegations of best artists of the two countries.
A concert in the hall of the Moscow Cultural Folklore Center under Lyudmila Ryumina presented another memorable page of this dialogue. The remarkable Turkmen artists acquainted the audience with folk music art by performing national songs and dances.
On the same day, an exhibition of Turkmen decorative and applied arts and museum valuables opened at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art. The exhibition in Moscow demonstrated the items from the State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan, describing the history and cultural heritage of the Turkmen people. Visitors were particularly interested in embroidered traditional women's clothing, jewelry and other exhibits.
The northern capital of Russia picked up the button of the interstate cultural dialogue at a gala concert on the stage of the V.F. Komissarzhevskaya St. Petersburg Academic Drama Theater. This concert marked the end of the tour of the two Russian capitals by a large group of Turkmen musicians, singers and dancers.
The gala concert in St. Petersburg brought together representatives of the cultural community, a large national diaspora of the city on the Neva River and the Turkmen artists. The crowded hall greeted with a burst of applause every number of the colorful concert program. The audience particularly loved compositions "Maiden Songs", "Turkmen Wedding", "Kushtdepdi" performed by the folklore ensemble "Miras."
Hospitable hosts entertained their guests with excursions to the cultural attractions of St. Petersburg. The cultural action became another memorable event of the humanitarian cooperation between Turkmenistan and Russia.


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