2017  N5-6(146-147)
The approaching most important event of the sport season is felt in every new day, bringing us closer to the start of the Asian Games 2017. The mass media coverage of sport events will be an important part of the Games. Long before the start of the Games, representatives of the foreign mass media had the opportunity to acquaint themselves more closely with the program of the Asian Games, capacities of sport arenas and facilities for training of sportsmen.
The international media forum "Asian Games in the World Press" was held in the Turkmen city of Mary. It brought together representatives of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS), the sports press associations of Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, Hong Kong, major Asian network and TV media, the State TV and Radio Company of Belarus and other media outlets. The Turkmen delegation included representatives of the relevant departments and the mass media of Turkmenistan. The impressive composition of the delegations to the media forum was evidence of the absolute interest for the Asian Games-2017 on the part of the foreign mass media.
At the forum, the representatives of mass media from various countries focused on the issues related to strengthening cooperation, increasing efficiency of joint work in preparation for the Asian Games. After all, a successful strategy of marketing, broadcasting and work of the mass media is one of the key aspects of the Games. The forum participants agreed that cooperation of the mass media of Turkmenistan with the International Association of Sports Press, as well as the leading media companies of the continent would promote the productive exchange of experiences and have a positive impact on improving the level of coverage of the upcoming competitions. The speakers emphasized that the current media forum once again demonstrated the country's desire to open Turkmenistan to the whole world through sport.
As was mentioned at the forum, a super modern Olympic village was built in Ashgabat for the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. The media coverage of the Games will be ensured from the Press Center and the Center for International Broadcasts that were built in the Olympic village. At the same time, every sport facility has all necessary conditions for the real-time coverage of competitions. In this regard, there was expressed confidence that representatives of the foreign mass media would appreciate the conditions created for covering the upcoming Games in the global media space.
On the eve of the forum, the participants were taken on a tour of the Olympic village. Holding such a large-scale sport event will make it possible to bring the sport movement to the fundamentally new level, give a powerful impetus to popularization and development of sport among young people, training of high-class athletes and national teams. During the tour, the guests watched videos on development of Turkmen sports and conditions created in Turkmenistan for major international competitions. The video materials helped the guests to visualize the organizational preparations for the Asian Games-2017.
The Asian Games in Ashgabat will be the largest in its series, bringing together 65 delegations from the Olympic Committees of Asia, Oceania, and a team of refugees that will compete under the flag of the Olympic Council of Asia. The number of visiting sportsmen alone will total more than 5 thousand, not to mention other members of delegations and teams, reporters and fans. It is expected that 600 thousand tickets will be sold. In addition to quantitative parameters, many other components and key moments of the Asian Games-2017 will be unprecedented, a record in its own way. Issues related to accreditation, provision of transport and medical services, anti-doping services, logistics and security, accommodation and food have been fully addressed. The schedule of competitions and use of the training base has been drawn up. Other than in the Olympic village, sportsmen will be able to have training in other sports facilities of Ashgabat, including the higher education establishments. At the final phase of preparations for the Games, an analysis was made of the organizational and technical experience gained during the conduct of many international test competitions at the Ashgabat Olympic village.
The forum also discussed the multifaceted role of the mass media in preparing high-level sports events, the importance of their active work, not only in the traditional way through the print press, television and radio channels, but also through the full use of great opportunities presented by Internet news channels and social media.
The forum confirmed the interest in the upcoming Games in Ashgabat on the part of mass media experts and foreign mass media outlets. The guests of the forum noted with satisfaction that Turkmenistan is increasingly opening up not only as a state with developed economy but also as a sports power. The Games aim to present to the spectators around the world the image of Turkmenistan as a country with rich cultural heritage, centuries-old traditions, unique spiritual heritage and talented people. The forum participants expressed willingness to cooperate closely with the Turkmen side in conducting the largest sports competitions, including their coverage in the mass media.
The participants of the media forum also took part in celebrations marking one hundred days before the start of the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.
Representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, the State Committee for Sport, the Olympic Committee, the Executive Committee of the Asian Games-2017, leading sportsmen and coaches took part in the festive events in the sports arenas of the city of Mary.
The celebration opened with the parade of riders on the graceful Akhal-Teke horses. The front riders carried the torch of the Asian Games-2017, the National Flag of Turkmenistan and the flag of the Olympic Council of Asia. These riders are the participants of the equestrian marathon, a grandiose action that started in the country 500 days before the start of the Asian Games, whose task was to pass through every locality in all the provinces of Turkmenistan.
This grandiose action was initiated by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. It was started on 5 May 2016 near the walls of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Nisa". Beginning their marathon at the walls of the ancient Parthian fortress, the riders went along the roads and important sites of Akhal, Balkan, Dashoguz and Lebap provinces. The arrival of riders in Mary province coincided with the symbolic chronological mark - 100 days before the start of the Asian Games-2017.
Turkmen sportsmen that often excelled at various international competitions participated in the colorful youth festival dedicated to the important phase in preparations for the Asian Games. Dance groups and popular singers continued the celebration on the arena of the sports complex. The musical part of the celebration culminated in the amusing dances by the talisman of the Games - Alabai Vepaly.
According to numerous foreign guests who participated in the festival, there is no doubt that the upcoming Asian Games will go down in history as a model for holding such sports forums.