2017  N1-2(142-143)
A new professional holiday - Day of Workers of Chemical Industry - was established in Turkmenistan. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed a decree to this effect at an enlarged cabinet meeting. The date of the holiday - March 31 - coincides with the day of commissioning of the Garlyk Ore Dressing Plant.
Signing the decree, the head of state noted that he decided to support the initiative to declare March 31 the Day of Workers of Chemical Industry, since the commissioning of this industrial complex was an important step in developing the chemical industry and establishing a new mining industry of Turkmenistan through the use of the cutting-edge scientific and technological solutions in this field.
Development of the Garlyk potassium salt deposit and construction of the plant for mining and dressing of potassium in this territory present another milestone in the industrial development of Turkmenistan. The foundation stone of the plant for production of potash fertilizers was laid in June 2009 with participation of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The plant was built by Belgorkhimprom public corporation jointly with Turkmen construction workers on the order of State Concern Turkmenkhimiya. The plant's capacity is 1.4 million tons of fertilizers per year.
The Garlyk potassium salt deposit on the right bank of Amu Darya River in Koytendag district will be the heart of the mining and processing industry. The further development of the deposit and construction of the industrial facility for mining and dressing of potassium salts open a new page in the history of development of the chemical industry in Turkmenistan.
The most important strategic project has been the result of many years of cooperation between Turkmenistan and the Republic of Belarus, which develops dynamically based on friendship and the principles of mutually beneficial and long-term partnership. The implementation of this grandiose project will bring very good economic dividends to both sides in the future. In this context, Belarus's support in training highly qualified young Turkmen specialists is of great importance.
According to the geological data, the Garlyk deposit contains more than two billion tons of crude potash salts. No less significant is the Karabil deposit that is also expected to be developed in the future.
It is planned to annually extract and process more than 7 million tons of ore, located at the depth ranging from 200 to 1000 meters, to enable the plant to reach full capacity. All technological equipment installed at the infrastructure sites of the giant plant was supplied by the well-known foreign manufacturers of special equipment. The output of the industrial complex will not only fully meet the needs of agriculture in environmentally friendly potash fertilizers but also make it possible to annually export more than one million tons of valuable products.
Unlike other mineral fertilizers, potash fertilizers have the highest export potential at the world market. It means that in the future the new industry will bring significant revenues in foreign currency, contributing to the strengthening of the country's economic might and the growth of well-being of people.
A large group of Turkmen students study at the higher education establishments of the Republic of Belarus. They are expected to come back and work at the Garlyk plant. Many of the graduates also completed the annual training on mining work at the enterprises of Belaruskaliy public corporation. The higher education establishments and secondary special schools of Turkmenistan also launched courses for training of specialists of the mining industry.
The new industrial giant is of great importance for the social and economic development of Lebap province and the country as a whole. It will help establish production of high-quality potassium mineral fertilizers to fully meet the needs of Turkmenistan's agricultural sector and export them to the world markets.
The experience of joint work of Turkmen and Belarusian specialists is very important. Technical Director of construction of the Garlyk Ore Dressing Plant Sergey Ostrovskiy commented on the results of joint work:
- This major strategic project implemented in the south of Lebap province is a tangible result of the long-term cooperation of the Republic of Belarus and Turkmenistan, which is dynamically developing based on the old traditions of friendship and principles of mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation. We, Belarusian specialists, were perfectly aware of our responsibilities and we did our best to ensure high quality work at the important industrial site.
Belgorkhimprom public corporation started construction of the plant in the foothills of Koitendag, having the strong scientific and technical capacity, the powerful production base and state-of-the-aft technologies in processing of potassium ores. Suffice it to say that a range of automated systems were set up at the Garlyk plant for control and management of technological processes using software, computing and other modern technical means.
However, complications are natural to any large-scale work, and the Garlyk construction site was no exception. When drilling two vertical shafts, we hit underground waters in one of the layers. Together with Turkmen specialists we neutralized them by the tested method. First, we froze them with special refrigeration equipment, creating a kind of ice shield, and then we securely concreted the walls of the shafts.
The ore-dressing plant has delivered the first products. This is a great joy for thousands of people involved in its construction. Having fulfilled its obligations, the solid team of workers of Belgorkhimprom public corporation is proud of creating a modern industrial giant in friendly Turkmenistan. However, we do not say goodbye to this country that has become so close to us. According to the agreement with State Concern Turkmenkhimiya, a large group of leading Belarusian specialists stays at Garlyk to help Turkmen colleagues to further develop the new mining industry of Turkmenistan.