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The dates of the Asian Games 2017 are coming closer, and most of the infrastructure facilities of the upcoming sport forum stand ready to host the highest-level competitions. The works on construction of the unique complex of sport facilities that have no match in the region is almost complete. The multifunctional cluster with well-thought-out infrastructure is capable of providing a comprehensive solution to the tasks related to the accommodation of sportsmen, training and competition processes.
Construction of the Olympic Village facilities is carried out in three stages. The first stage was completed in April 2014. As part of this work, there were erected small training halls, a sport games complex with 15 thousand seats, a cycle track with 6 thousand seats, a sports complex for wrestling and martial arts with 5 thousand seats and three training halls, a rehabilitation center, outdoor courts for tennis, handball, basketball and volleyball with stands for 1 thousand spectators.
There were also built a restaurant for one thousand people, "Sport" hotel with 800 beds and a press-center, multi-level parking spaces for 400 and 200 cars, "Sport" business center connected to the Olympic Village by the bridge-gallery with a bar-restaurant for 370 guests.
Construction works as part of the second stage finished in December 2015. The facilities commissioned in that timeframe included "Olympic" hotel with 450 beds for distinguished guests, a track and field complex for 5 thousand spectators, an indoor water complex for 5 thousand spectators and an outdoor pool for all kinds of water sport competitions with 1 200 seats, a tennis hall with stands for 4,000 spectators, and outdoor tennis courts for 2 thousand spectators.
A magnificent indoor cycle track was built as part of the third phase of construction. The facility opened a new page in the history of development of the national cycling sport. It features innovative technologies and multifunctional services for sportsmen and fans. Everything is unique, starting from the architectural style to internal decoration.
The cycle track building resembles a giant covered oval. The dimensions of the facility are impressive - 134x172x32.5 meters. The tracks are 250 meter long and 7.10 meter wide. Cyclers can gain speed up to 70-80 km/h on these tracks. The Ashgabat cycle track was built of very durable and comfortable for cycling material, such as Norwegian larch wood.
It can host international level competitions where cyclers can set new speed records. In addition, the synthetic coating of the inner side of the construction makes it possible to hold competitions in mini-football, handball, athletics, tennis, etc.
In the recent past, cycling training depended on weather conditions. Everything has changed now. The Ashgabat indoor cycle track will help train the high-class sportsmen all year round. As for the stands, they are located around the perimeter of the building, capable to accommodate about 6000 spectators. There are VIP lounges, seats for mass media, lounges for representatives of the Olympic Committee and sports federations, as well as seats for people with disabilities.
In addition, the indoor cycling facility has stands for spectators, rooms for sportsmen and coaches, repair workshops and bicycle storages, gyms, saunas, shower rooms, massage rooms and technical facilities. The building also housed a small restaurant, nine cafes for a total of 447 people and 13 dining rooms capable to serve 750 sportsmen. There are also 30 dressing rooms for more than 500 people.
There is no doubt that the Ashgabat cycle track will be able to host the highest level cycling competitions during the Asian Games - 2017.

Vladimir KOMAROV

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