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The 29th Moscow International Book Fair has become one of the main cultural events of the year in the Russian capital. More than 500 publishing houses of Russia and countries of near and far abroad gathered in Moscow to present their art, children's, educational, popular science, reference and encyclopedic and other literature. The forum brought together about one thousand experts from more than 30 countries. Altogether, about 100 thousand visitors showed up.
By tradition, envoys of Turkmenistan also participated in the prestigious international book forum. The stand of Turkmenistan's State Publishing Service was an integral part of the grand exhibition marking the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
Frequent visitors to the exhibition (many of them viewed the stand of Turkmenistan) noted the educational focus of most publications that Turkmenistan's State Publishing Service presents annually at the exhibition. Understandability and attractiveness of information presented in the printed products are simple to explain. The trend to publish all their products in three languages - Turkmen, Russian and English - has remained a distinguishing feature of Turkmenistan's printers for many years now. This approach helps to greatly increase the number of readers and makes the country more understandable and closer to many people abroad. Colorful and catchy printed products comply with the high modern printing standards. They have become an original trademark of Turkmenistan, and they successfully represent the country in the international arena.
The list of new products presented by Turkmenistan's printers included the fundamental work titled "Neutral Turkmenistan" by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, as well as the collection of folk proverbs and sayings compiled by him in the book "Source of Wisdom." Turkmenistan's neutrality as a cornerstone of its domestic and foreign policy is covered in the original way in the book "My Neutral Motherland" that appeals to the young generation of readers. The Year of Honoring the Heritage and Transformation of Fatherland, which is currently observed in Turkmenistan, has brought to life the popular science illustrated publications such as "Medieval libraries of Merv and their founders" and "Picturesque legends of ancient Merv."
All these new books were shortlisted for the finals of the XIII International Contest of the CIS member states "Art of Book".
The International Contest "Art of Book" among the CIS member states has been held since 2004 under the auspices of the CIS Interstate Council for cooperation in the sphere of periodicals, book publishing, book distribution and publishing jointly with the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Media. The XIII International Contest "Art of Book" among the CIS member states accounted for 58 submissions from seven countries - the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan.
The contest aims to promote the best publishing projects in the Commonwealth of Independent States, speed up cooperation in the field of literature and publishing business, develop book production and improve the culture of book publishing in the CIS countries, as well as popularize the best achievements in the field of book art and promote sharing of spiritual and cultural values among nations. Over the years, the contest won recognition not only among Russian book publishers but also publishers of the CIS countries.
The contest "Art of Book" attempts to unite the creative forces of authors and book publishers of various CIS countries and bring forward the most impressive and interesting publishing projects in different fields of knowledge and culture. The contest intends to strengthen the historical memory of the peoples of the CIS countries, their centuries-old traditions, deep-rooted bonds and interethnic relations that have always been characterized by goodwill, mutual respect and friendly support in different historical periods. In the modern society, the best models of the national book publishing provide the basis for new forms of multilateral business and cultural cooperation. In the year of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the contest has been noted for new unique publishing projects that now belong to the large sections of the literary and cultural community of its member states.
Following the assessment of books in the categories such as "Commonwealth", "My Country", "Book for Children and Youth", "Dialogue of Cultures", "Science and Innovation", "Textbooks and Education", "Art Book", "Printed in the Commonwealth", "Art of Illustration", "Victory", "Grand Prix", members of the competent jury announced the winners of the contest at a ceremony in the framework of the 29th Moscow International Book Fair.
The books released by Turkmenistan's State Publishing Service traditionally win top prizes at "Art of Book" contest. This forum was no exception. Winners of the main prize of the contest in the category "Grand Prix" included the book "Neutral Turkmenistan" by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The collection of folk proverbs and sayings compiled in the book "Source of Wisdom" was named the winner in the category "Commonwealth". Appealing to the young generation of readers, the book "My Neutral Motherland" is one of the winners in the category "Book for Children and Youth." Winners in the category "Dialogue of Cultures" included the fundamental work "Medieval Merv libraries and their founders." The research work of the phenomenon of the Mary school of painting titled "Picturesque legends of ancient Merv" became the winner in the category "Science and Innovation."
As pleasant as the very fact of the high professional appreciation of the work of Turkmenistan's printers and publishers may be, it is still more important in terms of the result that national printed products have made their way to the international information and communication sphere. New books expose new details of life of modern Turkmenistan and acquaint international readers with the great cultural traditions of the country.


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