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The national resort area "Avaza" has recently gained a well-deserved popularity among millions of people in Turkmenistan and many admirers of sea recreation from abroad. The growing number of hotels and health recreation centers that are being built on the east shore of the sea provide an increasing number of tourists with an opportunity to enjoy maximum comfort and health-improving proximity to the sea.
However, no matter how tempting and pleasant the warm season may be, it is, alas, short-lived. The cold season with winds and storms cuts short the possibility of physical contact with caressing sea waves. At the same time, this fact has long ceased to be a problem for the global tourism industry, and Turkmenistan's hotels and health centers on the Caspian shore are actively using the best international practices.
The experience of the popular health & recreation center "Hasyl" standing in the first line of Avaza is one of many illustrative examples. There have been created all conditions for continuous all year round recreation of tourists. The hotel offers a wide range of health-improving services, especially for those families that could not enjoy warm days and sunshine at the resort because of summer household cares and commitments at work.
Three, four and five-bed family-type apartments make up a good half of seventy-one rooms of the center. There are playing and sports grounds for children. Older people can get access to a full set of health services, including general counseling by doctors, massage rooms, spa-treatments and mud therapy. Swimming pools with seawater, Jacuzzi with underwater massage are popular among all age groups of tourists and residents of the city of Turkmenbashi. There is also a traditional health-improving set of services, without which no hotel or health & recreation center can do. They include a sauna, a Turkish bath, a gym, sports ground, a table tennis room, a billiards room and tennis court. In "Hasyl" resort this set of services is nicely complemented with a tea zone where vacationers are treated to a variety of herbal health drinks.
Maritime air also helps to improve health. That is why walking along clean sandy beaches, inhaling the air filled with a fresh breath of the Caspian Sea in the cooler seasons are so popular among tourists. Back in the cozy rooms of the recreation center, it is so nice to enjoy a varied menu of the hospitable restaurant, offering visitors both diet food and traditional national cuisine, as well as international culinary delights.
The stable occupancy of hotel rooms in the national resort area "Avaza" is evidence of the fact that workers of Turkmenistan's tourism industry master with confidence the international experience of attracting vacationers throughout the year, providing them with many recreational opportunities.


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